About Us

We are Santa Fésanos whose heritages run deep and who remember the Santa Fé of the 1920s-70s, when our town still represented the essence of the unique history and traditions that created the community. Since then, the changes, which have occurred as the result of many factors, have greatly diminished Santa Fé’s original heart. The people who know that heart are still alive and ready to tell the story, not long gone as has been the case with so many other historic American towns.

This website was created with a permanent archive and a powerful search engine so that, unlike other social networking sites, the posts, photographs, documents, interviews and comments can be easily searched and retrieved .  As it grows, it can become a valuable resource for educators, historians and anyone who likes reading about our unique birthplace.

Through the personal narratives of its people, we intend to tell the story of the foundation and strength of Santa Fé and preserve it for future generations.

We are still here / Toda via estámos aquí.




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