Jim Baca

Jim Baca

Thanks again to Julia Guerra for another picture depicting life in the Barelas neighborhood in Albuquerque.  This is a picture of Julia's father, Frank Archibeque.  Frank (on the right) is pictured here strolling on Central Ave. with a friend.  Frank was about 15 years old and the picture was taken around 1941.  Thanks, Julia!  This is a wonderful picture!

Saturday, 13 June 2015 19:02

Frank Archibeque and Railroad Co-workers

Thanks to Julia Guera for providing this wonderful photograph of her father, Frank Archibeque.  Julia grew up in the Barelas barrio in southwest Albuquerque.  Her father is pictured here, top row, fourth from the left.  Frank worked for the railroad for 46 years and retired in 1986.  This picture was taken at the Albuquerque railyard.  We welcome Julia to our group and look forward to seeing more of her pictures.  Julia is a member of Albuquerque's Hispanic Women's Council.

A BIG THANK YOU to those of you who attended our lunch meeting at Rancho de Chimayo on June 6th and thanks for your financial contributions to our website.  The contributions will go a long way in defraying the monthly hosting fee of this website.  Mil Gracias a todos!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 18:18

Santa Fe River Cleanup Day

Calling all volunteers who love their Santa Fe River!

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 23:50

Santa Fe Trivia Quiz

Elita Wilson, a former resident of Santa captured this photo according to the inscription on the back of the photo.  No known date.

Thursday, 20 March 2014 14:56

Santa Clara Pueblo

This picture is from a collection of color photo slides that were taken in and around Santa Fe most likely in the early forties.  This slide is labeled "Santa Clara Pueblo."



It is with a heavy heart that the State of New Mexico lost one of our
heroes and legends on February 8th, 2014. Mr. Tony Garcia, Don Antonio Garcia, passed away yesterday after an incredible and full life. Mr. Garcia was born in 1912, within the same month New Mexico became a state.

Mr. Garcia served in the US Army from 1930 - 1937 - before WWII started.

He was well known across the Southwest as a collector of the most rare
Spanish Colonial Artifacts. He wrote a book entitled "The Beginning of
The Casa San Ysidro in Corrales, New Mexico". He wrote in his book "I
went into every village and town and looked almost house to house
finding and buying the rarest and most historical Spanish Colonial
artifacts I could find to provide for Casa San Ysidro and make it what
it is today".

Mr. Garcia collected and assembled what is known as the largest
collection of New Mexico Spanish Colonial artifacts made in the 18th and
19th centuries. Mr. Garcia built, furnished and supplied La Casa San
Ysidro Museum in Corrales, New Mexico. It is a true New Mexico

During Hispanic Heritage Month in 2012, Mr. Garcia was invited to speak
to our Agency on Kirtland AFB. He was asked a question about his
fondest memory in his 100 years of life. People expected him to say
when he got married or when his children were born. Mr. Garcia being
who he was - a man who had a deep appreciation for history and humor
responded, "The most memorable day of my life is when I found Don Juan
De Oñate’s
  sword at Acoma Pueblo". The crowd got a great laugh out of
that one.

It is true. Mr. Garcia visited the Acoma Pueblo in his search for
Spanish Colonial Artifacts and he spoke to the Acoma Pueblo leadership
many times and visited the Pueblo many times until they finally gave him
Don Juan De Oñate's Sword. Mr. Garcia eventually donated the priceless
sword to the City of Albuquerque Museum.

Mr. Garcia once told me he gave priceless rare books to the Smithsonian
in Washington DC. He said he could have made a lot of money with the
rare artifacts and books he found and donated but he wanted to do all he
could to preserve our Spanish art and history.

The Hispano Round Table of New Mexico is very proud and honored and to
have honored Mr. Garcia at our 2012 Annual Tribute to Hispano
Legislators Dinner as our Military Honoree with our Hispano Round Table
of New Mexico Medal of Valor and Honor. His daughter and his niece told
me he loved and treasured that medal very much and often wore it while
sitting in his chair at home. Mr. Garcia was a widower for many years
and he had an extended family. 

Rest in peace Don Antonio Garcia. You earned your place with the Angels
in heaven Hermano Mayor. So proud to call you my friend, un amigo con
mucho cariño y respeto.


Ralph Arellanes







Sunday, 29 December 2013 00:28

Corpus Cristi Procession?

This picture is from a collection of color slides that were taken in and around Santa Fe most likely in the early 1940's.  This particular slide is labeled " Corpus Christ Process. - Senna Altar." No other information is available about this picture so please feel free to post your input.






Sunday, 24 November 2013 17:59

San Isidro?

After reading Arthur Scott’s post from November 23rd, (Early New Mexico Tinwork - Saint Nathalie) I realized that one of the pieces he describes in his article (a San Isidro bulto with two oxen) is very similar to what is pictured here. This picture comes from a collection of color slides that were most likely taken in and around Santa Fe in the 1940’s. This particular picture is one of eleven that appear to be taken inside a house that contained an amazing collection of what may be Spanish Colonial antiques, although I am not an expert.


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