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Bullfighting in New Mexico

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   Worthpoint.com, reported that a letter signed by my grandfather, Governor Arthur Seligman, was sold on EBay in 2008. Price is not disclosed. My grandfather served as Governor of New Mexico from 1931-1933, when he died in office. These were among the states most difficult years. He faced the great depression, massive unemployment, poverty, austerity measures, and cutting of the state budget. However, this letter addresses a problem which, few, if any state governors, ever had to address.    The description of the letter is as follows:  “This is a letter signed by New Mexico Governor Arthur Seligman. It is typed on Executive Office stationary and dated October 12, 1931. It also has its original envelope. The contents of the letter deal with the Governor explaining that he has received a letter complaining about a bullfight to be held in Socorro.

The Governor explains that this type of exhibition, so offensive to American customs and ideals, will not be held. He stated that since there was no law against this type of exhibition, that he declared “Marshall Law,” and that the promoters of the bullfight completely abandoned their plans before the troops were called out. After this he goes on to thank this man for his help and explains that his was one hundreds of letters that came to his office and the newspapers protesting this event  The letter has some minor soiling and age discoloration, it also has some creases from being folded into the small envelope. The envelope which has some minor soiling has had the stamp cut out.”

   And so I presume this was the end of bullfighting in New Mexico

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