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E. A. “Tony” Mares, PhD

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E. A. “Tony” Mares, PhD, is a poet, historian, essayist, and fiction writer. His books include: The Unicorn Poem & Flowers and Songs of Sorrow West End Press);With the Eyes of a Raptor (Wings Press); and translations of Spanish poet Ángel González, (Wings Press, 2007). He co-authored, with Tomás Atencio and Miguel Montiel,Resolana: Emerging Chicano Dialogues on Community and Globalization (University of Arizona Press, 2009). His book of poetry,Conversations I Never Had With Patrociño Barela, was published in Fall, 2010 by University of New Mexico Press. 
from: Voices from the American Land

Tras La Ventana, El Amor

Tras la ventana, el amor
vestido de blanco, mira.
Mira a la tarde, que gira
sus luces y su color.

La begonia sin olor
sus verdes ojas estira
para mirar lo que mira
tras la ventana: el amor:
la primavera, surgida
del pico de un ruiseñor.

Through The Window,Love

Through the window, love
dressed in white, discerns.
It sees the afternoon, how it turns
its light and color.

The begonia with no fragrance
stretches its green leaves
to see what it can
through the window, sees love:
spring flowing
from the beak of a nightingale.

Casi Toda La Música and other poems/​Almost All the Music and other poems is the translator's tribute to Ángel González, one of the greatest Spanish poets (from Asturias) of the twentieth century. Ángel was a friend of mine for over thirty years. He worked with me on each of these poems that deal with love, mortality, and the immortality of music.
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Maria Montez-Skolnik


Both sides of my family trace their roots in the Santa Fé area to the 1600s.  In the earlier years they were primarily farmers, builders, craftsmen, artists (wood carvers and weavers), and educators.  I graduated from SFHS & NMSU and received my BA & MA in Speech & Language Pathology. I divide my time between Santa Fé and the San Francisco Bay Area.  


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