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MOM AND I, SANTA FE, 1951 (Laura Gilpin, Photographer)

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Antoinette Montez-Miller

I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico and presently live in La Puebla, NM with my husband Michael.  After a couple of years at Alvord Elementary I enrolled at Our Lady of Guadalupe. My high school years were spent at Loretto Academy and I graduated the year it closed.  The school merged with St. Michael's that year.

My goal is to complete a genealogy project on my mother's side of the family that I began several years ago. During her life my mother told me many stories about her grandfather, Alcario Lopez. The home I live in today is on the land he settled on, in the late 1800's. It is fascinating to me to be on the place my great grandfather spent lots of time on running a mill by the river. I hope that my endeavors with this project will result in an interesting and lasting account of family history for my daughter, Claudine.  She grew up here and has many good memories of life in La Puebla.

Other interests I hope to pursue while working on this project are flyfishing and traveling with my husband. 

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