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Some random facts on New Mexico Governors

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Random NM Gubernatorial Facts


Arthur Scott


  My curiosity was piqued by Michael Miller’s 1981 New Mexico Magazine with a very prophetic conclusion. So after some internet research, I put together the following numbers concerning New Mexico’s governors to present (2012):


Territorial 1851-1912


   From 1850 to 1912 New Mexico had 18 governors appointed by the President. The first governor was James S. Calhoun from Georgia. He served one year and resigned to return to Georgia. Of the 18 territorial governor’s 2 were Whigs, 12 were Republicans, and 5 were Democrats. Only one, Miguel A. Otero was a native-born New Mexican from Valencia and was the only one with a Hispanic surname. Miguel Otero was a prolific writer and several of his books are still available. I heartily recommend “My Nine Years as Governor of New Mexico.”


After Statehood 1912 – 2012


      From statehood in 1912 to 2012 there have been 39 gubernatorial terms. Terms were two years until 1968 when the term limits were changed to 4

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