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Monday, 21 January 2013 20:19

Discrimination in New Mexico

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On Martin Luther King Day, 2013, I find this article by Marc Simmons, published in the New Mexican particularly appropriate.


I remember the SFHS football team incident well. We students were very angry. During the same period the La Fonda in Santa Fe had its own issues. Louis Armstrong came to town to play a concert at Sweeny Gym. He would not be given a room at La fonda and, I think, ended up at one of the Cerrillos Road Motels. Details are fuzzy but I recall the furor.

In 1932 the Ku Kulx Klanwas active in trying to derail my grandfather's re-election as Governor because he was of Jewish decent. Also in 1932, during my grandfather's second term, there was  legislative committee investigation of discrimination agaainst Hispanics by UNM. Almost resulted in the removaal of Zimmerman as president and had anti-discrimination rallys in Santa F, Taos, Las Vegas, and Springer.

Hopefully, all these incidents from our past teach us to have better futures.


Mike Scarborough: Writes a blog that has much about his book and more. I recommend it and consider it mandatory reading for NM History buffs.


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