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Thursday, 06 September 2018 01:58

Mural in Loretto Academy high school hallway

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Mural painted the the hallway of Loretto Academy High School. I understand it was maybe moved to a morada in Ojo Caliente,NM. If anyone has seen it please take pictures of it to see how it compares.  I’m glad they didn’t destroy it when they tore the school down to build the hotel. 

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8th Grade Graduates of Loretto Academy Santa Fe NM

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This is our 8 th grade graduation pictures at Loretto Academy on the famous spiral staircase. I wanted to make sure that it was preserved in history. I’ve also posted this on You Know Your Old School Santa Fe. I know it’s a repeat but hate to lose it.


Bottom Left: Yolanda Olivas, Debbie Seligman, Yvonne Lopez, Pam Munn, Christine Lacey, Bobbie Ortiz Y Pino, Ellena Sandoval Margie Baca, Martha Romero ,Judy Surber, Roberta Nolasco, Linda Chavez. 


First spiral: Anna Mae Gonzales, Gracie Gallegos, Yolanda Delgado,Liz Romero, Karen (Bunny)Mcdonald ,.........., Debbie Alleman. 


Top spiral: Paula Mackel, Anita Lockwood, Edith Thayer,Patty Chiffoni, Dolores Maes ?,Carmilla Duran.


Top of choir loft: Kathy Brainerd, Mazie Vigil, Judith Quintana, Connie Tsosie ,Diane Villanueva ,Sharon Jolly. 


Sorry if I misspelled anyone's name. Maybe someone can help me fill in the blanks.

My wife and I are relatively new to the area and enjoy exploring the great outdoors and fishing the streams near our home in Rociada.  We would very much enjoy trekking the long forgotten Scenic Road once known as Route 22, but aren't sure how to get to the Las Vegas approach.  Is there a person there that could provide us with this information?  If so, we would very much appreciate it.  Also, are there fishing streams along this route that me be fished without private trespass?


Alan Rude

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