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Spanish/American War Cartoon

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New Mexico Genealogical Society

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The Palace Hotel - - 1880's

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The Palace Hotel in all its grandeur in the 1880's. Engraving from Illustrated New Mexico.

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The Palace Hotel - Santa Fe Style

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As Santa Fe sought to change her architecture to Pueblo and Territorial style, the Palace Hotel began renovation to comply.  This drawing represents the finished product.  Unfortunately, one night in 1926, the hotel burned to the ground.  It was suspected but never proved that the fire was intentionally set.  The Palace was one of the earliest victims of Santa Fe Style.

Photo - MNM Negative # 61428

--Mike Lord

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The Palace Hotel - Fiesta Cowboys and Indians

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The Palace Hotel hosted many Santa Fe themed events for the entertainment of its guests.  This mock battle between cowboys and Indians was staged during Fiesta in the early 1920s.

Photo from The State Archives

E. Boyd Collection

--Mike Lord

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The Palace Hotel

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Built in 1880, The Palace Hotel was Santa Fe's premier hotel until its demise in 1926.  It was located on the NE corner of Washington and Marcy and was a landmark during New Mexico's journey from Territory to Statehood.

Photograph by D. B. Chase

1895 - 1905

--Mike Lord

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Salt of the Earth, 1954, movie

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Movie B/W 1954

Review by Arthur Scott


   The only blacklisted (banned) American film in history. Based on the two-year strike at the Empire Zinc Co. mine in Silver City during the early fifties.

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