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A Basque Family in America

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This 1916 photo is of my great-grandmother on my mother's side, Graceus Marie Inda, and her family.  Graceus Tahista came to America in the late 1800s at age 18 from her home in Aldudes, France.  She was to marry John Inda, a Basque man 20 years her senior, whom she had never met.  Arriving in New York, speaking only French and Basque, she boarded a train and traveled to her new home in Los Angeles.  She raised six children, one of whom was my grandmother, Mary Grace.  I never knew her, but I know that she was a very tough and determined woman because both my grandmother and mother were.

My mother Grace was born and raised in Los Angeles.  She met DeForest Lord, a Santa Fe native, during WWII when he was attending dental school at USC.  They married in 1944, and in 1946 she came to Santa Fe, where she raised five children and spent the rest of her life.

On a side note, my great-grandmother was named Graceus Marie, my grandmother's name was Mary Grace, and my mother's name was Grace Mary.  This naming tradition of daughters in my mom's family is very old and goes back for generations.

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Tesuque Pueblo Boy Buffalo Dancers, 1931

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Tesuque Pueblo boys Pete, Tim, Paul, and Clyde Vigil preparing for the Buffalo Dance.  During the depression, Tesuque Pueblo dancers travelled to different venues throughout the southwest to perform for tourists.  Times were hard and people did what they could to make ends meet.

Tesuque Pueblo boys Pete Tim Paul and Clyde Vigil preparing for Buffalo Dance. 1931

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L'Idioma de los Nuevomexicanos

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Ancient Agriculture: Photo Archive

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Ancient Agriculture

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