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Agua Fria And The Albino Perez Monument Ghost Stories

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Bernardo C de Baca While I lived in the Agua Fria neighborhood. this was totally new to me. Corner of Agua Fria and Hickox...Anybody?


The Albino Perez monument, “a small boulder with a polished face and inscription lies enclosed within a rusting iron fence in the 1400 block of Agua Fria Street. The words carved in stone read: Governor Perez was assassinated on this spot on Aug. 9, 1837. Erected by sunshine Chapter, DAR, 1901”.

Celina Rael Garcia We grew up knowing what the marker was for. As kids walking home after dark we ran past the marker.

Celina Rael Garcia Several people told of El Hombre Largo. Have you heard that one? Folks had encounters with an apparition that carried a noose and as he approached you he grew to gigantic proportions. That was most common. Also back in the day when cars had running boards there was a man who swore that a figure jumped onto the running board as he was going down past the marker on Agua Fria, when he turned to look at it it had the face of a skeleton. The bar at the corner was owned by someone name Elias. Some of his customers told of encountering La Llorona there. I’ll try to dredge up more memories. Maybe I’ll publish something entitled Growing Up Scared Out Your Wits in Santa Fe.

Gloria Valdez I have one, or two Celina. You remember the big tree at the bottom of the hill going toward our house on Velarfe Lane (off Agua Fria)? Folks used to say that a man had been hanged there years back. Apparently, on occasion people said he would appear there. I'm happy to day I never saw him. But, at night going home I would run past that tree as fast as I could. Just in case he decided to make an appearance. Lol Also, since we lived right by the santa fe river, there were always takes of appearances by the Llorona. Again, I never saw her, but was always terrified she might appear.

Celina Rael Garcia Gloria Valdez I remember the tree. It was always so dark down the joya, we broke records running home after dark. The first time I heard the story of El Hombre Largo was from Lydia and Tomasa. They had gone to a movie at the Arco Theater on Hickox. As they walked home he appeared at the marker and grew taller as he approached them. They ran and somehow Tomasa lost her shoe and just left it. Both Lydia and Tomasa died in the past 5 years and I wish I’d recorded them telling the story.

Celina Rael Garcia Gloria Valdez Tomasa was over 100 when she passed, Lydia was close to 90.

Gloria Valdez Celina Rael Garcia my mom was a born story teller. She'd let us build a bonfire outside and roast corn on the cob and apples while she narrated her stories. Besides the hanged man and Llorona, she had many witches tales, which she said happened in the Pecos area. She and her sisters would hide and watch their goings on on the mountains above my Tia's house. While scary, we were always enthralled with her tales. Very interesting.

Josie Byers I was maybe 14,and my aunt Angelina and I had gone to the movies. We came home in a taxie,as she didnt h as ve a car. We got out of the cab,were opening the lock ,and we heard something wierd,like someone crying. We stood at the door and the crying got closer. It was scary cause we couldn't see anyone..anyway the crying sounded like it was coming down the street and we could hear it like it was passing right in front of us and passed and went down the street..
At that time it was when La Llorona was heard .

Josie Byers Celina Rael Garcia yes but this happen on Torcido street where my grampa lived .I dont think my auntie was married to Armando .

Celina Rael Garcia Josie Byers the Acequia Madre ran through there. There are a lot of Llorona sitings along the Acequia.

Josie Byers Celina Rael Garcia no Torcido is off Cerrillos road and goes to the street that goes to St Annes church and the next street is Agua Fria . The Y. I forgot te name of the street

Celina Rael Garcia Josie Byers the Acequia Madre runs from uptown all the way down to Siler Road. The arroyo that cuts through Torcido now Baca Street is the Acequia Madre.

Gloria Valdez People up and down Agua Fria claimed to have heard her. Never heard of anyone seeing her, tho.

Gloria Valdez Josie Byers once we were parked alongside the river at night (with boys) and we heard what appeared to be wailing. The boys claimed it was the Llorona. We all got scared and got away fast.

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