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Birds-eye view of Santa Fé 1776

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Birds-eye view of Santa Fe 
painted by Wilson Hurley after a map of Joseph de Urrutia
This is what Nedra Matteucci writes of Wilson Hurley: "Wilson Hurley, a resident of New Mexico since 1935, is recognized as one of America's premier landscape painters. Working in the great American landscape tradition, he has often been compared with Albert Bierstadt, Frederick Church, and Thomas Moran, the great landscapists of the 19th century. Though honored by the comparison, Hurley creates paintings which are truly contemporary in that they combine the realistic beauty of nature with the best of 20th century technological achievement, thought and expression. Hurley is credited with bringing Western realist landscape painting to the forefront of American painting. His influence on current and future generations of artists is incalculable. His work embodies the spirit of Western individualism and presents his experience, enthusiasm and appreciation to all who see his paintings so that they, too, may understand his extraordinary perspective."
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1943 Santa Fe High School State Football Champs

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My father, Jimmy Baca, is in the bottom row, second from left.  I believe Santa Fe High School has only won the state championship one other time since 1943.

What stores use to be on and near the Santa Fé plaza?  Only a few are still there from the mid-to-early part of the last century:  The Camera Shop across from La Fonda on San Francisco St. is one.   Kaune's Grocery Store, originally on San Francisco St., later moved to two locations, one on Washington and the other on Old Santa Fé Trail, which is still there.    What is the history of Santa Fé's retail stores, which were the cornerstone of the vibrant community in the early-to-mid part of the last century (1900-1960s)?

In this photo:  1900  The Catron Building on the Santa Fe Plaza.  Miss Mugler's Store on the left and Mrs. Wientge's store on the right.

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