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Before St. Francis Was A Basilica

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Before St. Francis Was A Basilica

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From Old Fonda to La Fonda

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From Old Fonda To La Fonda


Arthur Sott



The above photograph is from my grandfather's (Arthur Seligman) persdional collection. There is no information other than the caption "Old Fonda" written in pencil; no date, location, or photographer.

   I have been able to identify the photo as the Exchange Hotel always known by locals and in newspapers as the "old Fonda." The photo was taken from around Water Street looking northeast up Shelby street toward the pl;aza.. It was taken prior to the May 1916 leveling of the building but sometime after the hotel was well dilapidated.  I would date it as being taken between 1914 and 1916. The photo is consistent with a photo looking the opposite direction toward Water Street dated 1910 (Source unknown) shown below:

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