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Reunion Aloft - Kansas City to El Morro, 1932

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Thanks to Kristi Davis.

Excerpt from my grandfather Evon Z. Vogt's account of his reunion with old friends on a 5,200 mile flight over the southwest in 1932:

(The 3 friends, "Ray" L. R. Smith, "Art" C. Arthur Bruce, and "Skipper" Ed La Parle, had just flown from Kansas City through Albuquerque to the El Morro airfield that morning in a Bellanca Skyrocket.)


    It was dark when we reached the (Vogt) ranch but the fires were still burning in the cook stove and the fireplace. After supper we got out the pictures we had taken on previous trips 25 years ago.

      You may not know or recall that in the days when New Mexico was still a frontier country these same boys came out to New Mexico when I was located at Glorieta. Well, we had a great time going over the past. The old snap shots preserved in our ranch album show and prove that. Photos of Art on "Buckskin Babe" of Ray on "Diego", the wall-eyed bronco which threw the visiting architect Von Holst of Chicago into the dark depths of La Cueva Canyon, of me swapping spurs for Navajo rugs at San Filipe, pictures of all of us with sweet smiling senoritas who had not in those days learned to talk English, i.e., with their tongues, although I must admit they talked eloquently with their eyes. There were pictures taken high up above the timber line, views of canyons "plumb full of hush to the brim", cowboys, great herds of sheep grazing in the Pecos National Forest, pack horses winding through green cienegas where we often camped for the night, snow capped peaks and limpid trout streams too cold even in summer for swimming.

     Well, we had a great reunion with these views of long ago before us. There was the trip to the Grand Canyon with which Ray surprised us after he got kicked by Diego in Lowitsky's corral in Santa Fe, so crippling him that we could not at that time consider further adventure in our mountains. The view we had taken at the Grand Canyon both on top and in the canyon recalled the delightful days we spent there.

     But what I want to bring up in mentioning all these old time pictures is that the pictures we now have of some of the same country seen from an airplane are printed on the film of our memories in indelible lines which will live forever. The unforgettable impressions of our flights cannot be erased, no matter how long we live.

Evon Z. Vogt, L. R. Smith, C. Arthur Bruce and Ed La Parle in front of Ray Smith's Bellanca Skyrocket private plane in Fresno California on their "Reunion Aloft" 1932

Ray Smith sweeping the snow off of his Bellanca Skypilot plane at El Morro Landing Field, NM, October 26, 1932.

At the end of his travel log he writes:

"When Orville and Wilbur Wright had a bicycle shop on West Third Street in Dayton, Ohio, and were experimenting with the first flying machine, I carried papers to them, The Dayton Evening Press. That started my interest in aviation. Never have I been able in any way to gratify my desire to take a long flight until Santa Claus, in the form of Ray Smith, came along and gave me, along with Art, this wonderful oportunity. Nothing I can write could express my appreciation. I fear he has made a fan out of me and Art and himself as well. There is danger in that and I hope Ray's great courage and love for new frontiers and experiences will not lead him to uncertain sky ventures."

Route of the Reunion Aloft plane
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