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An Ugly Taos Rebellion Few Know About

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An ugly Taos rebellion based on color, that few know about.


    In 1932 an African-American, Thomas Johnson,  was convicted of murder in Santa Fe. He was sentenced to be the first to die in New Mexico's new electric chair. In response the editor of The New Mexican (ten owned by Senator Bronson Cutting) , Dana Johnson, wrote a scathing editorial proposing that the entire black population of Santa Fe be expelled from town immediately.

   Although it never happened in Santa Fe, it was carried out in Taos in January of 1932. Taos had a black population of eight men and women. They were ordered to

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Taos Pueblo ca 1920?

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Photos of Taos Pueblo during the 1920's

by Arthur Scott

   The following are family photos from my personal collection. Probably taken between 1920 and 1925 by my grandfather.

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