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The Alley Theater - 1960 and 2012

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Here's The Alley Theater, then and now.  Quite a contrast, que no?

What are considered forms of Northern New Mexico art today, were originally created as functional and utilitarian pieces by the indigenous people:  Pottery, baskets and weavings to name a few.  Some forms of "art" were created by these same people as a reflection of their spirituality: Retablos, bultos, Kachinas, drums, etcs.  As other people migrated to this intriguing frontier in the 1800s and early 1900s, incoming artists paid tribute to the environment and the culture through their own creative visions.  Paintings, drawings, and photography depicting the landscapes and the vibrant communities were created, some becoming iconic pieces of the southwest.  Along this same path, Zozobra was born.  The internationally known Santa Fé and Northern NM area continues to draw artists and connoisseurs of art from around the world.

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The Rabble

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Around 1925, in response to Los Cincos Pintores, poets Alice Corbin, Witter Bynner, Haniel Long, Spud Johnson and Lynne Riggs formed their own group, The Rabelais Club, which became known as The Rabble.  Bynner did this small ad for the 1931 Santa Fe Visitors Guide.

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